Top 20 Blockchain Technology Companies - 2018

Blockchain, also dubbed distributed ledger technology is initially used to create crypto money like bitcoin or ethereum. However, additional to its initial purposes it is now a part of plethora of applications considering its cutting edge security and flexibility features. It is eulogized for its capability to create secure ledger of information that helps users prevent unauthorized modification of data. One of the advantages of blockchain is that it opens up a wider range of options for secure engagement between competitors by eliminating the need for trust between third party entities. Smart contracts incorporated with blockchain and inducted with the primary objective of automated escrow, can be partially or fully executed or enforced without human interaction. Potential of blockchain to speed up back office settlement systems familiarizes it in the banking and other financial industries including insurance. The concept of distributed ledgers can be used in cloud, mobile data environments, IoT, and healthcare as well. Major blockchain solution providers and their innovation labs engage in exploring more scope for the technology in the daily needs of human population. They are also planning to add the majestic touch of AI to blockchain systems to boost the advancement of related solutions.

To help business providers in selecting promising blockchain solutions, a distinguished panel of prominent marketing specialists and analysts, along with CIOReview editorial board has assessed and shortlisted the companies offering pioneering technology solutions in the blockchain industry. This listing gives a comprehensive understanding of solutions that can be implemented to optimize your business process.

We present to you, our 20 Most Promising Blockchain Technology Solution Providers - 2018.

    Top Blockchain Technology Solution Companies

  • 1

    AJBoggs offers robust IT management, business consulting services and business process analysis by leveraging object and search engine technologies, database management, and web services

  • 2

    Combines open source software that connects massive networks of computers to orchestrate large tasks and the decentralized nodes of a global blockchain network

  • 3

    Provides investment, consulting, and advisory services to blockchain-based businesses

  • 4

    Delivers comprehensive, enterprise-class blockchain solutions to business, while continuing to support innovation in the blockchain and open-source ecosystem

  • 5

    Provides an electronic logging device (ELD) which is an all-in-one logistics platform based on blockchain technology

  • 6

    HealthVerity is revolutionizing how the modern healthcare enterprise makes critical and defining decisions

  • 7

    Focuses on protecting information and identity, elevating experience and deploying corporate applications using the blockchain

  • 8

    A patent pending Ethereum based blockchain platform and related cryptocurrency designed to facilitate Intellectual Property (IP) based transactions, primarily focused on patents

  • 9

    Offering a feature-rich e-commerce platform for B2B companies, and providing them with the best tools and innovative blockchain technology to ensure trusted, secure, and reliable transactions

  • 10

    A Smart Internet of Energy (IoE) company that connects millions of smart energy consumers with premium smart microgrid projects around the world

  • 11

    Provides a blockchain-based PKI that resolves the problem of hacks in the central server and prevents other cyberattacks

  • 12

    Develops B2B capital markets-integrated distributed infrastructure to help regulated financial institutions reduce cost, address risks, increase control, and introduce new services around post-trade processing of securities

  • 13

    A platform that enables users worldwide to earn cryptocurrency rewards anytime, anywhere on any device

  • 14

    Offers Chainpoint—a technology that links data to the Bitcoin blockchain to create a timestamp proof

  • 15



    Empowers businesses to achieve new levels of efficiency, risk management and controls with blockchain and smart contracts built for enterprise finance

  • 16



    Enables customers to launch new products and services by providing institutions enterprise-grade blockchain solutions to digitize assets, launch markets, and reduce operational costs

  • 17



    Aims to make it possible for IoT solutions to build upon it to enable secure IoT transactions through the application of blockchain technology

  • 18



    Provides solution to transform different asset classes to a digital system providing it with liquidity, flexibility, and safety for asset owners and investors like never before

  • 19

    Blockchain Health

    Blockchain Health

    Delivers solutions anchored in the blockchain where users can authorize and track the use of personal health data securely

  • 20



    Provides decentralized cloud storage solutions with Blockchain auditing capabilities