i2Chain: Securing Information and Identity through Blockchain

Digital transformation is driving the 4th Industrial Revolution, creating new challenges that are forcing CIOs to think outside the box. Incessant data breaches, malicious hacking, and ransomware attacks, in addition to the explosion of shared data, have built an atmosphere of mistrust in data transactions. In a 2018 report, Ernst & Young listed Cybersecurity as the #1 priority for UScorporate boards.

Despite huge spend in Cybersecurity, enterprises have little control over information that is stored and moved across today’s vast data clouds and downloaded to personal devices. Leaders and executives in Cloud services have stated publicly that Cloud databases are extremely difficult to secure. According to Ranga Jayaraman, Advisor to the i2Chain Board and former Chief Digital Officer of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, “Traditional approaches to securing and controlling access and sharing of information are no longer adequate.” Mr. Jayaraman further states that what is needed today “is a fundamental change in how we conceptualize information that makes content the core of a smart controllable entity that explicitly encapsulates its intended use including access and sharing rights.”

Former Vice President of Digital Workplace Services at IBM, Ajay Jotwani, sees a silver lining in blockchain technology that can address these challenges. He founded i2Chain to secure mission-critical enterprise assets, processes and transactions using blockchain and cognitive science algorithms. “We have come up with a unique concept at the confluence of AI, Cybersecurity and Blockchain and are excited to be on this journey to secure information assets across boundaries,” says Mr. Jotwani, Co-founder and CEO, i2Chain.

“i2Chain’s disruptive 1-click cybersecurity platform leverages blockchain technologies thereby securing the information throughout its lifecycle—covering its creation, utilization, and destruction, all while remaining transparent to the user”, says Pat Bolton, Chief Strategist at i2Chain and former CTO of Digital Workplaces Services at IBM. Ms. Bolton adds that i2Chain is designed to provide harvestable high-quality evidence forensics regarding the access and actions to Chained assets, a must for large enterprises, governments and institutions.

The i2Chain platform enables organizations to determine what information needs to be shared, with whom, and for what duration. “The value of i2Chain lies in its enablement of digital collaboration for organizations while still providing complete security of transactions,” says Sheehan Selim, Director of Strategic Initiatives at i2Chain.

We have come up with a unique concept at the confluence of AI, Cybersecurity and Blockchain and are excited to be on this journey to secure information assets across boundaries

“Documents, images, presentations, spreadsheets, and other files are controlled by a natively secure and non-intrusive blockchain and access permissions for these files can be revoked at any point” adds Ravi Jotwani, Lead Blockchain Consultant at i2Chain.

i2Chain platform empowers businesses as well as consumers to easily and simply protect their information and identities. The platform makes the information and identity tamperproof by SHA 256 encryption encapsulated over blockchain, enabling organizations and users alike to exchange information and identity with integrity and confidence.

i2Chainaims to serve mortgage providers, financial institutions, telecom operators, healthcare and other high-tech companies. Additionally, i2Chain’s eSignature capability competes directly with traditional players like DocuSign. Today a number of companies are dependent upon companies like DocuSign for the exchange of contracts, tax documents and legal materials, which is very costly. Bolton adds that “with i2Chain’s platform transactions can be done securely, without saving personal details or any password,at a significantly lower cost.”

i2Chain is a San Francisco Bay Area startup. “i2Chain is on track to unveil its platform to early adopters in March of 2019, with a planned enterprise launch in June of 2019,” says Ms. Bolton.


San Ramon, CA

Ajay Jotwani, Co-Founder & CEO and Pat Bolton Chief Strategist

Focuses on protecting information and identity, elevating experience and deploying corporate applications using the blockchain