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John Cappiello, CTO
With laws such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) now in place, healthcare organizations now face the arduous task of reconsidering their approach to managing consumer data and consent permissions. Such laws require organizations—that collect, use, and share personal data—to protect the data privacy of consumers at the strictest level. The complexity in managing consumer consent becomes increasingly more burdensome when the healthcare providers attempt to link patient data across disparate silos or platforms within their own enterprise. Although more difficult, complying with the new data privacy regulations and consumer permissions has become a necessity. Uniquely positioned as a leader in data preserving-privacy management, HealthVerity has built a technology platform that serves as the foundation for the rapid creation, exchange, and management of healthcare and consumer data.

The mission of HealthVerity stemmed from the need for an alternative solution to not only finding the right data, but making it interoperable with third party datasets for novel discoveries. Since its inception in 2014, the Philadelphia-based company has been empowering top pharmaceutical and payer organizations with the technologies to gain perspectives on patient activity in a fully-interoperable, privacy-protecting manner.

The company’s consent management platform, HealthVerity Consent, is an enterprise-class solution that leverages blockchain to aggregate and manage all individual consumer and patient preferences in one central location. The platform ensures regulatory compliance by establishing a shared, immutable record of all the consumer consent transactions that take place within an organization, enabling only permissioned parties to access the data in real time.
When it comes to the patients’ and healthcare providers’ consent, one of the biggest challenges is data fragmentation and inconsistency. Large enterprises track patients’ consent through numerous source systems collecting data for marketing, HIPAA compliance or other purposes. “What we are trying to do with our solutions is to help audit the fragmented systems, create a single source of truth for consumer consent, and leverage the immutability of blockchain,” mentions John Cappiello, CTO, HealthVerity. He substantiates this by citing an example of a client whose biggest challenge was fragmentation of data. They had source systems that were consuming and capturing consent data for marketing and HIPAA compliance and wanted all independent entities to speak internally, so the latest consent and permissions were accurate and consistent. Hence, HealthVerity rolled out its HealthVerity Consent solution that worked with each of the source systems across the organization to consolidate permissions and act as the single source of truth for customer intent and legal compliance.

What we are trying to do with our solutions is to help audit the fragmented systems, create a single source of truth for consumer consent, and leverage the immutability of blockchain

In regards to HealthVerity Consent, the company will continue to build out additional methodologies and use cases around data anonymization and consumer consent. “We’ll continue to improve our products to get access to the right data, constraint, and governance to make data interoperable across different data sources in a highly privacy-compliant way,” concludes Cappiello.


Philadelphia, PA

John Cappiello, CTO

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